10 Casinos in the Las Vega Strip you cannot miss

No trip to the Strip is complete without hits to its world famous casinos. Whether you are travelling solo or are out on the crazy wild trip with your buddies, you simply can’t miss out on the stakes. Planning a tour to Vegas shortly and looking for the best casinos out there. Well, here goes a list on top 10 them.

  1. The Venetian

Sprawling across a magnanimous 125,000+ square feet area, The Venetian casino inspires deep awe with its gorgeous architecture and amazing gaming canvas. It’s famous for its wealth of table games where you have all the popular numbers including blackjack, craps, baccarat, poker, roulette & different novelty games.

  1. Luxor

Layered in the mystique charm of Egypt, Luxor steals the show with its magnificent outlook accentuated by antique artifacts and hieroglyphic décor. The casino would be great for all those looking to shine their luck in state of the art slot & video-poker machines.

  1. Red Rock

When it comes to gambling at cheap, one of the best secretive Vegas travel hacks is to gamble off the Strip. Red Rock is one such fantastic option and it offers blackjack tables at just $5 24/7. For budget slot lovers, there are penny slots in abundance.

  1. Mandalay Bay

The expansive casino boasts a magnum gaming pavilion hosting 1700+ slots, cool video poker numbers & full range of popular table games such as craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette etc. You also have a huge 17-screen race & sports book zone.

  1. ARIA

Talk about suave sophistication and you have ARIA for you, bustling with a grand 150,000+ sq. ft gaming ground. From 21 to roulette to baccarat to Pai Gow- there more than 145 table numbers and nearly 1945 slot machines here.

  1. The Cosmopolitan

One of the most loved casinos in Vegas, The Cosmopolitan takes your breath away with its swanky aura, edgy facilities and unforgettable vista of the Strip through is floor-to-top glass walls. It hosts all classic table numbers versatile slot machines.

  1. MGM Grand

From its over 170,000 sq. ft gaming space to its vast selection of games to its giant range of 60 screens, everything is grand about this esteemed casino at Vegas. Whether you are a fan of video poker or swear by roulette or are in love for slots, there are everything here and more.

  1. Monte Carlo

A vibrant casual ambience defines the casino and you can’t afford to miss its damn cheap blackjack tables that come at no more than $5. It’s also the place to try your luck with single-zero roulette.

  1. El Cortez

If you are looking for a whiff of vintage casino, El Cortez is your baby with its casual retro look and colorful customers. You will find both single & double-deck blackjack here .

  1. Gold Coast Casino

One of the top favorites in Vegas casino reviews, Gold Coast is a charm with it’s magnum bingo rooms that run 8 sessions daily. And of course, who will say no to the super cheap blackjack and pai gow numbers that come at just $5- not to forget the $1 roulette!?!

So, get set to beat the “odds”.

A Few Tricks on Summoners War Hack

Summoner Wars has been around ever since 2009. From its initial release, it has now produced other further sets of the game due to its popularity. Making your way around the game can be pretty challenging so it is important to know what tricks you can implement to become a better player.

Some Tricks on Playing Summoner Wars

Here are some strategies to help you with the game:


  • Be familiar with monster attributes

Monsters in the game are linked to an element. You should know the properties that are strong or weak against its equals. For example, Water is stronger over Fire while Fire prevails over Wind. Wind prevails over Water while Light and Darkness work against each other.


  • Concentrate on one enemy at a time

This is one of the effective tricks in summoners war hack. You should concentrate on taking down monsters one by one. Ideally, you should have everyone in your team targeting the same monster, one after another. This will make it easier for you to overcome the monsters and lessen their chances of coming back at you.


  • Reserve your best monsters and tricks for the boss fight

In any game, boss fights are always the most challenging and the same is true for Summoner Wars. Know the elemental association of the boss you have to face then build your team of monsters that you believe will have a huge chance of prevailing over the elemental characteristics of the boss. It is recommended to use the special abilities of your monsters in the beginning of the boss fight. Utilize the most powerful abilities of your monsters to weaken and eventually put down the tough bosses.


These are only some of the tricks that you can use to become a better Summoner Wars player. There is a lot more to learn about strategizing in the game so take your time to know these.


Benefits of Yoga Burn System

  • Price – we all know that if you enrol yourself in a yoga class, that would have been very expensive because there are a lot of sessions, which, whether you admit or not, you will miss sometimes due to some reasons like work. This book would give you already a 12 week lesson that would guide you to your yoga burn review way in a very affordable price
  • Self – when we want to meditate, it is better if we do it alone at our own pace. If we own this book, we can control the pace how fast can we go and do it anytime we want to. Besides, everyone has their own free time and sometimes, we want to spend it alone while meditating. Why not use the instructions provided in this book and do yourself a favour to meditate and exercise alone
  • Useful tips – the author mentioned some useful tips and information regarding yoga and reducing weight that perhaps you won’t be able to get from a personal trainer. Since Zoe is also a yoga instructor, she wants to disseminate her knowledge about the thing she really loves to do and hope to enlighten other people to follow the same way as she did
  • No age limit – even if you are still a teenager, or don’t have any yoga experience, this book will give you lessons that are easy to follow because it is designed for everyone to use. You can follow the lessons in your own pace and achieve your goal depending on that pace. Besides, if you force yourself to keep the pace depending on the people around you, you might end up stressing yourself instead of being able to relax. At least, if you are alone, you don’t need to worry if you are already behind the routine