Exercise Your body, Don’t Get Busy By Some Gadget Games

Video games nowadays are time killers, it steals your bonding time with your family, your childhood experience, a distraction to your studies, and even a tool to some psychological problems of kids. Tablets, smartphones, and PC’s are the tools used in playing virtual games. These games include, puzzle games, strategy games, quiz games, arcade games, and many others are the ones people are into a gadget.
If people have discovered technology and even virtual games, nothing can beat the fun and excitement of real games to play. If kids have their own fun games which are awkward to be played by adults like skipping, tags, bubbles, capture the flags, etc. You adults can have a game with your child also, there are different ways to have a quality time with them, but something that will be fun and body moving game will be the best option.

Labyrintoom is a real puzzle game. It is an escape room, that’s means, you need to pass through some mysteries, riddles, puzzles, or questions to unlock the room and to step up to the next room. You heard it right, it has an exciting and thrillgames to be played not just by yourself but by your group composing of 2 to 8 members. That means you need teamwork that will test your intelligence and athletic skills.
How to play it:
• Be briefed about the guidelines and rules. A personnel will discuss to you these rules. Be sure that before you enter the room, you have fully understood the rules.
• After you have created your team and ready to start the game. Remember that this game needs unity, so work together to solve each room’s puzzles and obstacles.
• Your unity will lead you to another room, so continue to solve each case in every room until you finally escape the maze.