Does Free Rehab Has Insurance?

Whenever we are going to inquire or ask for a service that involves our health and safety, we want to have an insurance to be able to assure ourselves that in case something happens to us while under their care, we are compensated, may it be monetary or they will fix the necessary problem as soon as possible.

For institutions like rehabilitations, insurance is a must because they are also dealing with sensitive cases like drug abuse and the like. Even those centers that offers free rehab, they also provide insurances to make their patient at ease.

What Is The Insurance For

• For Emergency Purpose – there are things that happen in just an instant and we don’t even expect it to happen. May it be good or bad, accidents can’t be helped, especially if it’s not the fault of the patient itself. In that event, they need to be sure that they are going to be responsible with what happened and assure them that it will be compensated properly.

• Cases Of No-Show – not all people who are undergoing rehabilitation stays in the center all the time. Some still wants to continue living in their own homes and just go back for their session. The insurance also serves as a contract that it is up to the patient if they will come back or not but they recommend them to go regularly to assure the effectiveness of the rehabilitation.

• For their benefits inside the institution – when someone is insured, it means that they can use it in case something happens while they are inside the center. Some rehabilitation centers accept the insurance as a discount card in case they need to purchase medicines because it may be a bit pricey depending on the brand.

So, you don’t need to worry about enrolling because they will insure you for your safety.