LOL Boost Is Achievable with the Assistance of Boosteria

Players of League of Legends don’t like Elo or MMR (Matchmaking Rating) boosting because it takes buckets of tears, blood, and sweat as well as commitment and hard work for players to get that high ranking in LOL. What’s more, an unskilled player with a high-level account is still an unskilled player holding back the potential of his own character. If you wish to get an lol boost covertly and without LOL admins suspecting your shenanigans, your best bet is Boosteria. Just remember that it has pros and cons. You should not do an MMR boost for the wrong reasons. You should at least be skilled enough to handle the boosted account. Maybe you’re an experienced player who wants to open a new account but wish to jump to higher levels of competition right away.


Pros and Cons


  • Boosting your account so that you can get to higher levels of play with skilled players without level grinding your character is a tempting for those who don’t have the time or patience to level their account up. Of course, it has its drawbacks. Morally, it’s not fair play to let another person play with your account then reap the benefits of his hard work for yourself. You should pay your dues and earn your way to your League ranking or MMR.
  • What’s more, the security of your account is compromised with untrustworthy MMR boosting. If you share your log-in info to a stranger, then your account is compromised then and there. It’s the common tactic of hackers to ask for the login credentials of players with the false promise of an MMR boost only to end up stealing the account for themselves or traded for money to another player.


  • On the other hand, when done right and when you’re not caught, MMR boosting is a victimless crime. You can get to play at higher levels, learn from direct experience how to deal with more skilled players, and have an account and character that has all the advantages from the get go without arbitrary wait times and at-times needless grinding that’s never fun. Games are supposed to be fun instead of tedious, after all.