What and How to Eat in the Jennifer Hudson Diet

Losing weight is probably one of the most discussed topics. This is a popular topic among peers, family members, colleagues or almost everybody who desires to be fit and healthy.

People in the showbiz industry are models and people look up to them. They have to project an image more than their talents. There is always a pressure that they have to go through especially when it comes to weight loss. This was what Jennifer Hudson had to go through.

Jennifer Hudson is a singer and she was discovered in the third season of the American Idol. She was known for her powerful voice and her acting prowess which she showed off later on in her career. Despite her talent she was also noticed for her weight. She used to weigh 200 pounds and part of it was giving birth to her son. Despite losing weight being a challenge, she lost 80 pounds in just about three months. The Jennifer Hudson diet became a household name not only amongst avid fans, but among people who want to be inspired and lose weight.

It’s All About Balance

One might think about how she did it, well a big amount of the weight that was lost was because of what she ate. The food she ate was a balance of protein, unsaturated fat and carbohydrates. Balance is the key. Eating a balance of everything does not stop when one achieves the body that they desire. It has to be a lifestyle in order for one to lose that excess weight and keep it off.
Losing weight starts with the mind and the body will eventually follow, however it will take more than just that. Losing weight is a commitment in order to keep the weight off. This does not only apply to celebrities, but to everyone who want to look and feel good.